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China: Empress Dowager Cixi

A collection of photo images of focused on the life of the Empress Dowager from the time she entered the Forbidden City as a consort of the Xianfeng Emperor up to her death in 1908.

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The state funerals of the Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后 and Emperor Guangxu.

The Qing Dynasty Ci-Xi Dowager Empress of China in 1890.

Empress Cixi of China.

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Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后.

450px-The_Cixi_Imperial_Dowager_Empess_of_China_(5).png (image)

Empress Dowager Cixi portrait

珍妃 The Princess 'Zhen Fei', concubine of the Emperor Guangxu of China's Qing Dynasty.

Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后 wearing her pearl cape. She was reportedly wearing her pearl cape when she was entombed, which was subsequently robbed within 10-15 years after her burial.

History of China: Empress Dowager Cixi

Princess Der Ling, lady-in-waiting to Empress Dowager Cixi. Qing Dynasty.

No You Shut Up : Princess Der Ling, lady-in-waiting to Empress...

Empress Dowager Cixi- Cixi's younger sister Yehenara Wanzhen (left) was the principal wife of Prince Chun, and gave birth to Emperor Guangxu, who died the day prior to Empress Cixi, suggesting she may have been responsible for and implicated in his sudden death.

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The princesses of Qing Dynasty and the wife the foreign ambassadors. 真的格格们,和外国公使夫人的合影,估计和慈禧太后那张属于同一时代。

老照片的记忆 清代格格们的真实世界 - 古早图片 - 佳礼贴图区 - 佳礼网络社区综合论坛 ~ 马来西亚中文论坛 -

1903 Empress Dowager Cixi and wife of foreign ambassadors. It is said that the scarf that looks like a fish net which Cixi is wearing is made with pearls. 一九零三年,慈禧太后和各国大使夫人的合影,老太太披的那个“渔网”,据说都是珍珠织成,但表情就明显土了些,看来照相对老佛爷来说也是个稀罕事。

老照片的记忆 清代格格们的真实世界 - 古早图片 - 佳礼贴图区 - 佳礼网络社区综合论坛 ~ 马来西亚中文论坛 -

Empress Dowager Cixi - Photograph of Princess Rongshou (center seated), daughter of Prince Gong. As a way to show gratitude to the Prince, Cixi adopted his daughter, and elevated her to the rank of Kurun Princess (the highest rank for imperial princesses). The Princess remained a lifelong friend of Cixi, and earned Cixi's respect and reverence for her forthrightness and sincerity. She became one of the few people whose remarks were taken seriously into account by Cixi.

An Dehai was a grand eunuch favored by the Empress Dowager Cixi at the imperial court of the Qing Dynasty. He kept close watch of the conduct of Emperor Tongzhi and the other courtiers. Relying on Cixi’s trust he showed increasing arrogance and lack of scruples. He enlisted his personal adherents among the officials and held increasing sway over the imperial court.


A Large Imperial Celadon Jade Seal. Qing Dynasty, Seal Of Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908)

Emperor Silk Robes | dress worn by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi of the Qing Dynasty A ...

Ming - Qing Dynasty style | |


Cixi's younger sister Yehenara Wanzhen (left) was the principal wife of Prince Chun, and gave birth to Emperor Guangxu.

Emperor Tung Chih, Cixi's (Tzu Hsi's) and Emperor Hsien Feng's son.

The Pavilion of Beautiful Scenery, inside which Cixi gave birth to the future Tongzhi Emperor.

Seal of the prince regent, made especially for Zaifeng to executive power. It is made of platinum.

The casket of Qing Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后.

Close-up of the detailed stone carving outside the chamber to the tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后.

Memorial tower of the tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后.