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WW 1: Austrian Military Medals & Uniforms

A collection of photos of World War 1 era and 19th century military orders, decorations, medals and badges of the Austro-Hungarian empire. This collection also includes uniforms, helmets and associated equipment. See Battle of Waterloo Medals board for the Austro-Hungarian Waterloo Medal.

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Obverse side of the badge of the Grand Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa. Oder awarded in three classes (Knight, Commander and Grand Cross).

Badge for members of the Order of Maria Theresa. It was specifically given for "successful military acts of essential impact to a campaign that were undertaken on [the officer's] own initiative, and might have been omitted by an honorable officer without reproach." This gave rise to a popular myth that it was awarded for (successfully) acting against an explicit order. It is considered to be the highest honor for a soldier in the Austrian armed services.

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Grand Cross of the Military Order of Maria Theresa - an Order (decoration) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire founded on June 18, 1757, the day of the Battle of Kolin, by the Empress Maria Theresa to reward especially meritorious and valorous acts by commissioned officers, including and especially the courageous act of defeating an enemy, and thus, "serving" their monarch.

Austrian Empire military helmet World War I.

Austrian Empire military helmet World War I period isolated over white, Clipping path included.

Kaiser Franz Josef's Uniforms circa 1914.

German Colonial Uniforms

Austrian infantryman, field uniform, 1918

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Sea Voyage Medal 1910-12 as awarded to the Officers and Men of S.M.S. Franz Joseph I.

The War Cross for Civil Merit 1915, First Class breast badge.

War Merit Cross for Civil Merit: 3rd class. A beautiful enameled award. Instituted in August, 1915 this was awarded for exceptional meritorious service to the Empire. There were four classes of the award and the class of the award denoted ones social rank rather than achievement. The 1st class (often seen worn by Emperor karl) was 64mm in diameter. The three lower classes are 44mm in diameter and silver-gilt (2nd), silver (3rd) and bronze (4th class). The reverse is plain with silver marks.

War Merit Cross for Civil Merit: 3rd class. (Kriegskreuz fuer Zivilverdienste III Klasse).

Wound Medal for 5th Combat Wound. The thin red line in between the wide grey/green stripes indicate the number of wounds;1 to 5 wounds. In this case the 5th wound. A Grey/Green ribbon edged with red stripes was awarded for the invalid/sick.

Silver Cross of Merit Without Crown. 1848-1918 and enamels, mounted on original civilian type ribbon. Cross measures 30mm from period 1849-1860. The order was designated by emperor Franz Joseph and it was introduced to the 2nd dec 1849.It was award for many years service in public and government services.

Silver Bravery Medal of the 1st Class. Large Medal - 40mm-Ag . This medal was instituted on 19 July 1789.Medaille" were issued : a first type bearing, on the obverse, the bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I with the text "FRANZ JOSEPH I V.G.G. KAISER V. OESTERREICH" (Franz Joseph I, by the grace of God, Emperor of Austria) and "DER / TAPFERKEIT" on the reverse side. The "A" mark is placed on the medal edge. Designer "Leisek" name left down on the observer, variant right anfas.