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Dolls by Hildegard Gunzel

"Hildegard Gunzel's extraordinary collectible wax porcelain doll creations are beautifully sculpted and distinctive works of art. The world renowned doll Artist, Hildegard Gunzel has been honoured with many international doll awards from all over the world. Her lifetime award achievements are highly prized creations and museum editions and will be cherished for generations."

Jule....2014 Hildegard Gunzel doll

♥ Barbel Hildegard Gunzel 2013 Resin Doll

♥ Gerda-Marie Hildegard Gunzel 2013 Resin Doll

♥ Vivian Hildegard Gunzel 2013 Resin Doll

Hildegard Gunzel Glorian Julian doll for 2000

Ulla - 2010 Hildegard Gunzel Resin Collection