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Tempting Recipes

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Chocolate and cherries make this whole-grain muffin a moist, delicious treat.

Turkey meatloaf with colorful veggies and a blast of flavor from turkey sausage. Easy, tasty, good for you!

Lookng for a Cinco de Mayo dessert that's light, delicious and out of the ordinary? Here's a suggestion: Mexican chocolate angel food cupcakes.

Eat • Write: Throw asparagus and garlicky shrimp on the grill, then toss it with lemon juice, lemon zest and olive oil for a quick spring supper.

Eat • Write: Moist, chewy, flourless cookies are all about the chocolate. As a bonus, they're gluten-free!

Eat • Write: Goat cheese and smoked salmon quiche has a hash-brown crust, making it gluten-free and perfect for Passover.

Eat • Write: Coconut-chocolate banana bread is delicious, and it can be dairy-free.

Eat • Write: Smoked pork chops and sweet potatoes make a superior hash.

Eat • Write: Looking for a quick, dairy-free treat? Try coconut-banana muffins.

Eat • Write: Got milk, eggs, bread? Make Caramel Apple Bread Pudding. This is a sweet way to weather a winter storm!

Eat • Write: Onion soup from the slow cooker

Remember this? Famous-Barr's French Onion Soup, a favorite in St. Louis for decades.

Eat • Write: Onion soup from the slow cooker

Eat • Write: Onion soup from the slow cooker

Eat • Write: Coconut, almonds, chocolate make a moist bar cookie that's a distant cousin to a Mounds candy bar.

Eat • Write: Turkey breast in a slow cooker

Pesto-stuffed mushrooms are perfect for a party

Eat • Write: Brown sugar meringue crowns chocolate chip bar cookies

Eat • Write: Banana-maple waffles are made with healthy ingredients, and they taste great.

Eat • Write: Coconut pudding parfaits brighten winter meals. A bonus is that it's easy to make without any dairy products.

Eat • Write: Tuna-white bean salad: 3 ingredients, many variations

Eat • Write: Make-ahead French toast casserole

Eat • Write: Chocolate meets pumpkin in muffins