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Science: Illustration

skeleton. Jacques Fabian Gautier d'Agoty: Anatomie generale des viscères en situation, de grandeur et couleur naturelle, avec l'angeologie, et la nevrologie de chaque partie du corps humain

Danse Macabre | Dance of Death

De motu cordis / 1728 Illustrated by- Ricciolini, Niccolo. Nerves of the thorax.

Cross-section of the head showing brain and cerebellum, by Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery, from: Traité complet de l’anatomie de l’homme, Paris 1831-1854 by J.M. Bourgery and N.H. Jacob

The Anatomy of the Human Body, 1386; copied mid-1400s Mansur ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf ibn Ilyas The skeleton depicted above from this early book of anatomy is viewed from the back with the head hyperextended so that the mouth is at the top of the page — a posture suggestive of a dissection table. Squatting figures such as this were the dominant model for anatomical illustration in the Islamic world until the introduction of European models.

Colored Copper Plate Engraving; Nautilus and other seashells, 1810