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Affective warm ups and wrap ups

These activities are a great way for teachers to start or finish a class. Enjoy the moment!

Play SWAT IT! Lesson for your reading group.

This little phonemic awareness activity is called Magic Spoons. Basically, in order to help children with sounding out words, even those pesky nonsense words, you take a pack of spoons and on each spoon write a consonant. (For the letter Q you write a "qu" combo - because those two are always together.) These will be used as the initial consonants of the words the students will be reading. Then, students practice with one spoon at a time adding the first letter to various different word fam...

What a great way to create CVC words...real & nonsense. Free mats to download, too. yay! Dollar Tree foam blocks!!!

Miss Kindergarten: DIY Foam Dice

Great activity to increase fine motor and literacy skills -- Using clothespins to spell out words

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Clothes Pin Words

Make as many 3-letter words as you can!

Today In First Grade: Short A Time...

What do you find in a X? Student/teacher chooses a topic and other students have to say what can be found until no more ideas pop up. Ex: kitchen, jungle, school, backpack.

Break the ice: each student says a sentence on a topic until the bear falls in the water!

Repeat the sentence: students and teacher alternate saying sentences and if the students agree they repeat what the teacher said. Clapping can be used while doing it.

Students get cards and they have to use these in a conversation. In a more difficult variation they have to make the other person say the word without showing it to them. Ex: cats: What are your favorite animals?

Drawing dictogloss: teacher dictates around 8 words or sentences and students can only draw them. Later they recall what has been said by looking at their drawings. An association of all the images can be done too!

Offer some scrambled easy words from the last class for students to put in order. These can also be mimed!

The Marionette: pretend the student is a marionette and sew line lifting his arm and then making a knot to hold it in the air. Then do the same with the other arm, fingers, head, and legs. With imaginary scissors go cutting the strings and see what happens. You can narrate while you do it.

Teacher turns one of their collecting cards and students talk about them teaching the teacher. They can also speak as if they were the character. Students love it. Make sure everybody is on board.

Sticker on forehead with a word, question, command, etc. Students interact and they have to discover what they have on their sticker.

Take shell and choose one you think a person you love would pick. Explain why!

Using Sea Shells to Remove Heavy Metals from Water