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Relaxing exercises for children

Relaxing exercises for children

Mindful walk: circulate on socks around the room paying attention to the contact of the feet with the floor pretending you are stepping on different types of relaxing surfaces. Children can say these too!

Children move around the room making sure the string is always tense. Try doing it with eyes closed and different types of music.

Students can use a tennis ball to massage themselves against a wall or against each other.

Students use their fingertips to massage their forehead. If done quickly and gently it can be a "rain" massage!

Fingertips touching: touch all of your fingers from one hand with the other and slowly let them go one by one, then reconnect them. You can finish by doing the namaste salute.

The spaceship: inhale and let the air come out through your closed mouth. This will make your lips vibrate as if it was the noise of a spaceship in the old cartoons we saw on tv.

Students paint a layer of a Mandala. An alternative is to print a big one and everyone paints the same.

Tongue massage: use your tongue to massage your cheek, the floor, and the ceiling of your mouth.

The snowman: students pretend they are a very solid snowman in the middle of winter that starts to get softer, softer, and eventually melts into water. This is a great way to get students to finish sitting on the floor.

Ha shout! It also comes from yoga. You inhale and let all the air out at once while you curve your body to the front and let your arms swivel in the air.

Alternate nostril breathing: another yoga exercise. Inhale from one nostril while you cover the other with one finger. Then let it out through the other one while you cover the other nostril. Very relaxing!

Tree and wind: one student is a palm tree that swings in the air and the other student is the wind. The tree is with eyes closed and the wind gently touches the body of the tree making it swing in the air.

The Marionette: one student ties the marionette (another student) by lifting/pulling an imaginary thread and then cuts its strings.

The Spiral: have students make circles in the air until they finish in one point in the center. You can have students doing one in front of the other and they touch their fingers when they are done. I usually add a sound to this moment!