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Favorite Places & Spaces

These are places I've been or would love to see. Sometimes its a beautiful city or sometimes its just a hidden spot for a nap.

So awesome!

mc-random-5 : theBERRY

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table Tutorial. Made all with supplies from Home Depot.

The Cottage Market: 25 Vintage Decorating Tips

Eclectic Interior Inspiration - mix of vintage, modern, found object, color... Nice!

Elegant Blue Bedroom Apartment Decorating Ideas

On August 24, 79 AD, Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy exploded in a volcanic eruption. Tons of molten ash, pumice and sulfuric gas went miles into the atmosphere. In the 1800's, Archeologists were able to make casts of the bodies from the victims by filling the cavity with liquid plaster then carefully chipping away the lava, eventually to reveal a perfect cast of the body.

Pompeii, Italy: One of the bodies uncovered from the volcanic eruption that destroyed the city.

Villa D'Este Tivoli Italy

The Pietà (1498–1499) is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.