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trauma tree - a great explanation of PTSD in children. can demonstrate when trauma occurred the growth afterwards is negatively affected....

Story Sticks. Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = "Special". Choose one of each and then make up a story based on what you've got.

Reading Workshop Notebook insert. This blog post has lots of ideas for setting up a reading and writing notebook.

homework bingo - If they turn in their homework for that morning they get to write their name on any square. On friday's I will pull out two bingo chips...and whatever names are on that square they will be able to pick out of the treasure box. Modify to fit classroom needs. Good idea!

She is a teacher and has so many ideas to help with classroom needs. Meeting Sensory Needs Use a hairband and it works too! Really helps student GRIP correctly!

A Peach for the Teach: Why does my student avoid writing? How can I help?

Visual for Calming- the act of moving the pieces could also really distract them and bring them down- small copy to carry around on lanyard maybe

Build a Worry Warrior. Create an imaginary creature or contraption to help gobble up your worries!

This is a one page document that can be used as part of a math journal. Teachers can choose a different number each day (or use the number of d...

Math Problem Bingo - have them do the problems & they have to have the right answer to get a BINGO!

fraction kites...good review for fraction basics...For fifth grade, I'd include more squares in the kite, have the kids color their design first, then tell them to figure out the fractions for each color AND put the fractions in simplest form, too. They could also practice adding fractions with this kite.