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Have your guests download this app before your wedding. When they take a picture it will automatically upload to your online album. WHY DIDN'T I INVENT THIS I COULD HAVE BEEN A MILLIONARE.

wedding program on brown bags with confetti for the toss - absolutely love this

perfect for camwhore couples like us, haha! we'll turn the photo strip into a bookmark and also include a save-the-date sticker (see next photo inspiration).

cute Save The Date from Alice from Weddingbee (Photo by Joseph Kang Photography)

Extra Tall Glass Cylinders with Floating Candles and Calla Lily Flowers

Might just be our "save the dates" sorry to ruin the surprise, but hot dang these are adorable!

Photo shoot inspiration

Cute photo idea for the bridal party :)

diy-fortune-cookie-wedding-favors (cute party favor, too)

BRIDESMAID GIFT IDEAS - I ordered the bags from ThirtyOne, each with the girls name embroidered in their favorite color, and filled them with all types of goodies.  All including a survival kit with a cute poem I found altered to fit some of my items (a big thanks to whomever wrote it!), flip flops complete with an inside joke for each of the girls, clutches to use the day of the wedding (ordered from TheSilverButton on etsy - highly recommend!), a pearl bracelet to wear the day of the wedding, and some little girly goodies. The poem reads: This Survival Kit was made just to say I'm thrilled you're beside me on my wedding day! There's chocolate to give you that sugar high And a packet of tissues in case you should cry. Lip gloss to help you care for your smile. If a nail should break, I've included a file. There is Shout if you should spill on your dress and lifesavers to keep your breath minty fresh. There's Aleve and Tums if it's ill that you feel and Band-aids to help you tackle high heels. I've put everything in this handy pack so you'll know that this bride has got your back! This kit was created so that you can see how much you mean to the bride-to-be!

"Tying the knot" invitation.

Just ordered this shirt from @WhenGeeks Wed. Can't wait to wear it proudly! Also, I'd pick the Green Lantern ring.