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I love that I have friends & family that love to share their ideas with me. SO, I decided to make a board where, if you come across something you think I'd like, whether it's ideas for a photo session, recipes, diy projects, etc., please feel free to pin it here!! :) {Sorry, I don't have everyone on here yet, so please just let me know if you want to be added. Thanks!} **************** If you create your own contributor board, add me so I can share with you too! ****************

Wow.... So young :)

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s parents, Caroline and Charles Ingalls.

Did this, can literally see my blackheads coming out now! Going to slather honey on after for a 20min facial and then repeat steam steps again.

Takes the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. I'll have to try this one! Way cheaper than a pedi! Great to know for flip-flop season.

mom thought you might like this one (the picture)

I am SO doing something like this when I get pregnant! Juli, TAKE NOTE! :)

  • Juli Bonell

    SO CUTE! If you plan to know the sex of the baby beforehand, we can do a "gender reveal" too!

Cute photo idea!

Military Love

thumbs up - Imagine this photo, but Matt and I and my bunny slippers showing from underneath me dress :)))

Elizalde Photography - How cool would it be to get an image like this?!

Ahh! this is SO adorable ♥