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Tub Cleaner - vinegar and dish soap, no scrubbing! Heat 1/2C white vinegar in m'wave for 90 sec, pour int spray bottle. Add 1/2C BLUE Dawn dish soap. Shake gently to mix. Spray on surface, let it sit 1-2 hours. Just wipe it away then rinse with water. Should also take soap scum off shower doors!

The Craft Patch: Pinterest Tested: Tub Cleaner

The Clubhouse is a super starter coop for up to 4 full-size chickens, or 6 bantams! (The smaller the breed, the more you can fit.) This chicken coop features an all-wood roof, dual, hardware cloth-backed ventilation slots for a nice cross-breeze, and a roomy run for your flock to stretch their wings before you let them out for the day. Read below for more details.

how to make candles i did not make mine with a can. i did mine with a small mason jar. it worked great. there are some great tips on making candles on this site.