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DIY Lace Crowns- coat lace with fabric stiffener, let dry overnight, spray with spray paint. perfect for a princess party

Pandas love bamboo

"like" and 'repin' if you think she is beautiful! She is breathtaking to me. :) 13-year-old Hana Hwang suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition that causes accelerated aging.

  • Eliza

    ♥ I love these children who have this condition, I think their souls are so beautiful, they have such strength! I love them ♥

  • Janice Notman

    They are beautiful. ♥

  • Nina Young

    This is so wrong. You ask us to say shes beautiful when we all know that on the outside she doesnt meet the worlds actual expectaion of beautiful. However on the inside she could be loving and sweet, but how would we know that when all we see is this picture. Im not saying shes ugly but I am saying that we all know that she is not beautiful.

  • Nina Young

    Its only because of her condition that she looks this way and I know that she cant help it but I say this^ out of the truth that we all have. The only reason yall day that is for her compassion and so she doesnt grow up one day to harm herself. But you might as well give her the truth now or she will find out in another way that could hurt her more than she could bare.

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