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That's how I feel about these past 3 days (3 days straight that is) of "practice" contractions; I wish them to go away & if I happen to get a break, I want them to come back because it means she's getting closer to making an appearance!!!

Love this me and my ex have been through some tough times but one thing he has never done is disrespect me he's always loved me and I him it doesn't have to be said its understood he's never been there for our child but I know it's not because he doesn't want to its clearly because of the toxic surroundings he got trapped in so long ago. He got his just desserts cheaters never win.

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Ive learned to live by this quote daily in my future... if you want something bad enough, change is inevitable.. most of the time, its for the better no matter how frightening it is when you first take that leap of faith