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zim & zou the fox's den window for hermès in barcelona

Artist Stitches Delicate And Elegant Embroidery Patterns Into Different Leaves -

Gina Portera

Who knew coat hangers could create ferocious and realistic animal sculptures? ‘Coathangers’ is a collection of sculptures by Scottish sculptor David Mach, in which he uses an unconventional component, wire coat hangers, as his main art material. The collection includes animal figures like a bear, a gorilla, a tiger, an elk (or is that a […]

Artist Explores Culture And Religion With Light And Shadow Installation -

bridge-just-finished « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Paintings by Peter Ravn

Street Artist Takes His Art Off The ‘Streets’ And Places Them On Walls

Artist Fills The Sky With Fun, Whimsical Doodles -

custom making soft toys with children:

Everything that I wish I could be |