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Projects for high school art classes

Instant stress relief! Pass out at chapter before midterms or finals. | best stuff

Feature Focus: Sculpting

Wonders of Life | Illustrator: Bene Rohlmann

January 15, 2014: How to teach perseverance.

giant paper mache mask tutorial

The Big Head Project « WVartist’s Weblog

big head project, actually worn by students, like life size bobbleheads. love it!

Lisa Dufala Jones: Dollar store frame and wooden dowel for rolling clay slabs. Great idea...

Watercolor Technique Experiments

Step by step insructions for making a woven paper basket.

Love this for a first project - identity collage

High School Art Lesson Outdoor Chalk Drawing Idea ... Extra credit or sketchbook extension project to combine with urban or natural landscape?

Middle school or high school project idea: Draw only with straight lines... This could be fun!

If we could teach children to think like this instead of what social media portrays, we would possibly have more young men and women who were happy in their own skin. Even being an adult knowledgeable of outside influences, I struggle loving me for me. It should never be this way.

Robert Burridge demonstrates how to practice shapes, lighting and color by doing a basic still-life warm-up before a painting session.

Common Mistakes When Drawing the Face - Good reference!

How can we make the critique process useful? Dare I say, enjoyable? I’d like to share some incredible critique activities to try in your room

Working the grayscale is a great lesson for those first few days in high school art, like a refresher lesson..

I'm your father - awesome illustrations