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hope it is true. (gun control, second amendment, obama, feinstein, school shooting, self defense, concealed carry)

Pleaching or plashing was common in gardens from the late Middle Ages until the 18th century. This technique is a kind of weaving of the branches of deciduous trees or shrubs to form a living fence. Sometimes branches woven together grow together, a natural grafting known as inosculation.

Floating candles for Halloween... Toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes and led candles

Rice Krispie Treats for Halloween. That really looks like raw meat.

Polish Art Addiction: Blogger Challenge - Day 1 - Watermelon Nails

Chickenwire ghost...really looks ghostly from a distance! I'd love to use this year-round as a prank. :)

So Matt agreed to watch his grandson in the shop today. After a few hours Quinton decided to put him down for a nap.

Adorable tutu-based Halloween costumes


Dr. Dave, a medical doctor with private general medicine practice in New York City