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SUBJECT and VERB IDENTIFICATION~ This 88-slide PowerPoint makes learning fun! Students enjoy the entertaining animations, cartoon characters, and humorous dialogue. Students learn the trick of eliminating prepositional phrases to find the subject and verb of a sentence. Includes a list of common prepositions and practice worksheet! #preposition #verb #subject #PowerPoint $

Free Printable~ Hidden Pictures are coloring pages with smaller pictures hidden within such as a shoe, mug, and duck in this image of a tiger.

Fraction Printables: Fraction Circles, Cuisenaire Rods, and Pattern Blocks - free fraction printables!

Laura Candler's Free Webinars - Nine recorded webinars for educators on a variety of topics, and information about how to sign up for the next live webinar. Topics include reading workshop, daily problem solving, mastering math facts, literature circles, and more!

| HeyMath! | Students listen to stories and use math to help solve them. Grades 3-12.

Love this planner! Especially good for 2nd and 3rd graders….paper for second graders is also a freebie!

Classroom Freebies Too: Cute Winter Bulletin Board Idea. I wonder if the school would let me hand out hot chocolate gifts (mix and marshmallows) to students who return the "winning" book with a brief review. Could use the review for my Tweets board in the spring?

Maria Dismondy Guest Post - Random Acts of Kindness - Free Printable

Anchor Chart Mania...stop by for great anchor chart ideas!

NCAEE - It's Elementary!: Bouncy Bands Help Students Stay on Task

3rd Grade Thoughts: Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

3rd Grade Economic Plan-we use this as a year long project to teach students understand the concept of economics and to help manage classroom behaviors, both good and bad.

Classroom Management Linky First time I seen something like this was during my internship with 3rd grade (with Ms. Akins :) ). I use this concept "Drops in a Bucket" at home with my grandkids and will definitely integrate it into my classroom.

3rd Grade Thoughts: class management. After school, teacher checks desks. Any student with clean desks gets a note explaining to them that they were visited by the desk fairy

Bite Sized Cinnamon Rolls - easy, kid-friendly recipe that little hands can help make, using pre-made dough and cinnamon sugar