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Julie Elizabeth

Julie Elizabeth

a simple girl who loves all things :)

Live Life Quote, Life Quote, Love Quotes and more

Free fonts for your DIY Invitations and Projects <> not for me, for my cuz & niece-in-law... ;-) but the fonts are awesome...

How To: Make A Kick Butt Resumé

To go with his nautical bedroom theme :) @Brandy Reece I love this quote...You should do this on a canvas for my nautical themed room:)

2014 Summer Reading List | Let It Be Beautiful

They Didn’t Mention Anything About Adults, Though

Chuck and Blair- I love chuck and Blair so much! True love always catches up with u, no matter how much time or mistakes have passed!

Handpainted Just Married Brides Boot country wedding boots Uniquely ME! I would LOVE to do this to my boots! I went with Justin's! I still think this could be done to them!