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Sentarse a Coser- Excellent step by step photo tutorial for finishing stretch necklines.

How to Create a Draped Cowl Neckline from any pattern using the slash and spread technique - Threads Magazine

How to Create a Draped Cowl Neckline - Threads

Fantastic tutorial pleated neck

Pleated Neckline Tutorial | Sew 2 Pro

Sewing a knit neckline with an invisible bias finish (part III of Knit Necklines series)

Knit Necklines, Part III: Invisible Bias

Sure-Fit-Designs-Learning-Center Stitching a V-Neck - Sewing Technique

two V neck methods

De costuras y otras cosas: ESCOTES EN "V" CON BIES UNIDO/MONTADO

Another--and easier--way to sew a bias tape to a neckline

How to Apply Bias Tape to a Neckline: Method 2

Bias trim trick for finishing necklines/hems on knit fabrics. (Cutting 1 1/4" strips of knit or woven (I used woven), you first stitch the long raw edge of one strip to the raw edge of the shirt body at neckline or armscye. Then flip, press, fold under the bias strips on the wrong-side of the shirt and triple zigzag-stitch. The result is a lovely, sturdy, and firmly-stretchy trim sure to withstand kid-wear.)