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Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give, the 2003 movie, directed by Nancy Meyers, is one of my favorite movies. I simply fell in love with the Hamptons Beach house of Diane Keaton's character, Erica. To be honest, I became a little bit obsessed with it right down to the beautiful dinning room goblets (which by the way are by Simon Pearce in Connecticut. Thankfully, now that Pinterest has come along, I can create a virtual pinboard of everything I adore about Something's Gotta Give. La vie en Rose, Everyone ~

"Something's Gotta Give" Still my favorite movie set. Found this quote from the set designer: "Responding to a brief from Meyers, that she wanted "to feel that sand is right outside the door," Rubino sprayed sunscreen just before anyone entered the set. "The fragrance of sunscreen is so specific, it immediately puts you in that place," she explained." So cool!!!!!

CHIC COASTAL LIVING: Something's Gotta Give Beach House

Rose Tarlow "Nantucket" Side Table ~ off-white chipped painted finish Overall: 32" dia. x 29"h

Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Something's Gotta Give ~ "SHOWTIME" ~ Harry goes to Paris to surprise Erica ~ The music playing in background is "Brazil" by Djano Reinhardt & can be found on the movie soundtrack. Love when Harry tells Erica, "I thought if I visited some of the women that I had known, that maybe I could figure out how I arrived at being me..."

Something's Gotta Give ~ Frank Sinatra ~ "When an irresistible force object such as you Meets and old immovable object like me You can bet just as sure as you live Something's gotta give Something's gotta give Something's gotta give"

Dr.Julian Mercer (Keanu Reeve) with a red pj'd Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) ~

Jack Nicholson portraying Harry Sanborn in Something's Gotta Give ~ 2003

Pictures & Photos of Jack Nicholson

The Something's Gotta Give living room rug in it's new home today ~ it was auctioned off for a Hamptons charity in 2008 ~

The original dhurri rug used in the movie ~ It was auctioned off for charity in 2008 ~ Aspen Carpet Designs also sells copies of this rug ~

Harry reclining on Erica's sofa ~ I loved the white fabric & blue piping on this sofa ~ The blue & white striped cotton Dhurri rug was from The Rug Loft in NY.

Something's Gotta Give ~ 2003 ~ Directed by Nancy Meyers ~ staring Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson

The Beach House in "Something's Gotta Give"