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Stark Trilogy & Beyond

Pins relating to the original Stark Trilogy of erotic romances … as well as epilogue novellas and spin-off stories that take place in the exotic world of Damien Stark and Stark International.

85 Pins

Have you heard the news that more Damien Stark is coming!  And more books set in the world of Damien Stark?

have you met Damien Stark?

SIGNED GIVEAWAY + Our favorite Stark Quotes | Bedroom Bookworms

Don't miss the Stark Trilogy (Release Me, Claim Me, Complete Me by J. Kenner)... Or the upcoming Stark Ever After novellas and all new Stark International stories!!

SIGNED GIVEAWAY + Our favorite Stark Quotes | Bedroom Bookworms

Tame Me by J. Kenner

  • Mary Wiebler-Schultz

    Loved Jamie and Ryan's story. My heart fluttered, "your not a job responsibility. Your the woman that I love."

Have you read Jamie and Ryan's story yet?

“I’ll tell you a secret, kitten. I’ve been with a lot of women. You’re the only one who has truly gotten under my skin.” Tame Me by J. Kenner

Release Me by J. Kenner “has a life of it’s own and in my opinion was fanfreakintastic…” Angie’s Dreamy Reads In honor of the fact that more Damien & Nikki novellas are in the works, I’m featuring Release Me (book 1 of the Stark Trilogy) on #StarkOnSaturday!   In honor of the fact that ...

I was going through some stock photos and ran across this image. It reminded me of the pearl scene from Complete Me, and so I just had to make this teaser!

I am breathing deep, my mind little more than mush and my body like liquid. “Christ, Hunter. You destroyed me.” “No,” he says. “It’s you who’ve broken me. There’s a fire in you, kitten. And I want to burn with you.” -- TAME ME by J. Kenner (a Stark International novella)

“There’s a fire in you, kitten. And I want to burn with you" Tame Me by J. Kenner teaser

I’m thrilled to announce that readers will be seeing more of Nikki and Damien … not to mention a hot new hero and a fabulous new heroine!

Have you read the Stark books? Tame Me is out now!

“Talk about kicking off a series with a sexy and steamy bang.  This novella was incredible!” – Read Love Blog

He pulls me close and strokes my back, waiting for me to calm down. I breathe him in, letting his familiar scent soothe me, letting his stre...

Tame Me … Jamie and Ryan's story coming March 25!

He’s intense, I think.  Strong.  Silent. Steady. The kind of guy who knows what he wants and goes after it methodically and relentlessly. -- Tame Me by J. Kenner

I’m so excited about Tame Me, a new novella featuring Jamie Archer, which will be released on March 25. For you Stark Trilogy fans, Jamie is Nikki Fairchild’s best friend, and a bit of a wild child. But she meets her match in Ryan Hunter (who was introduced in Complete Me, and we saw more of in Take Me). Ryan is the Chief of Security for Stark International, Damien’s umbrella company. And Tame Me is the first spin-off story from the Stark Trilogy!

A Take Me teaser for #StarkOnSaturday - Don't miss this epilogue novella to the #StarkTrilogy!

A Take Me teaser for #StarkOnSaturday - J. Kenner & Julie Kenner

For those of you who haven’t read the Stark Trilogy yet or would like to suggest it to a friend, I recently learned that Complete Me is on B...

Damien Stark quote from Claim Me (you hold my heart)

Damien Stark - #StarkOnSaturday - J. Kenner & Julie Kenner

Yay! Take Me hit USA Today and NYT Bestseller lists! Stark readers rock!

Yeah, baby! Take Me (a Stark Trilogy novella) is on sale now!  Fans of Damien, I love you guys!  Enjoy!