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Pin-up by Charles Gates Sheldon, likely for La Vogue lingerie, 1920s.

Sharing some laughs, c. 1920s.

Pony rider, 1920

"My grandmother, 1925. She won the doll, that had a phonograph in its body, in a contest."

A day at the races, c. 1920.

Dancing to the radio, 1920s

A lovely array of smock and middie styles from the 1920s.

A girl and her dog, c. 1920s.

'30s Kids Were Awesome Problem Solvers

A Scottish Bride in India. 1920.

1920s :: Indian Memory Project

Floral-print dresses and fantastic hats, 1920s

"The Blue Mandarin Coat", 1922, by Joseph Rodefer DeCamp (American, 1858-1923)

The Blue Mandarin Coat - Joseph DeCamp - The Athenaeum

"Make Your Own Fall Hat", 1928


A bride and her attendants, Melbourne, Australia, 1920s. Very interesting diamond details on the skirts of the bridesmaids, plus veils that wrap under the chin as well as over the forehead.