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Armes Militaires

"Weapons are an important factor in a war, but not the decisive one; It's man and not materials that count" Mao- Tse-Tung

This is what a sonic boom looks like

Two US Navy ships collide in Pacific, no injuries reported

U.S. ships conduct an underway replenishment. by Official U.S. Navy Imagery, via Flickr

U.S. Navy ships are in the Atlantic Ocean. by Official U.S. Navy Imagery, via Flickr

So cute

The infantry weapons are part of the Military of almost all counties in the world. The infantry weapons are use in every war in the world, on some Military events, on some Military celebrations, etc.

Machine Guns in the WW1 - German Maxim MG08/15 is one of the most popular and powerful tactical weapons used in World War I. This weapon is considered as the lighter version of the typical MG08 Maxim machine gun. German Maxim MG08/15 is made in order to provide very portable WW1 weapons to soldiers. The initial use of these WW1 weapons was first noted in the year 1916.

At this point in time, there are already concrete submarines made. This is also at the top of the list of military modern weapons. If you will notice, the conventional types of submarines have the ability to prowl the seas. In a common circumstance, concrete submarines have the ability to sink offshore. This will wait for the right time for the enemy to pass overhead.

For about one decade after the boom of World War 1, the airplanes used as WW1 weapons found out to have many flaws. There are so many things that must be improved in it in order to provide precise and exact use. Due to the engine power limitations in the previous years of World War 1, there is also corresponding limitation in the payload of the aircrafts. The airplane tactical weapons that time are just made with hardwood which is braced using steel wires. Aside from that, linen fabric was also