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I agree! Like Kim possible & lelo & stitch! The new shows like Austin & Ally are so dumb! They don't know how to act.

The Disney castle gif! (Can't believe I haven't pinned this yet!!)

I don't believe it! I'm on the cover of a movie!!!

I definitely would! Would you?

The doctor said that I need to go to Disneyland more often. Also, I'm calling myself 'the Doctor' now. #disneyside

Things to do in the Disney Store, number 5. @Stephen Ysmael did you do this???

  • Stephen Ysmael

    No, but it was posted on Facebook the other day. Besides, I usually post pictures of my...masterpieces :)

  • Jaime Heath

    Lol. I wouldn't put it past people to steal your ideas...

  • Stephen Ysmael

    This was probably taken when Lion King came out on Blu-Ray a few years ago. I would presume that all Disney Stores sell the same merchandise at the same time.

Favorite Olaf quotes... except i would add "some people are worth melting for" and "who's the funny looking donkey over there... And who's the reindeer... Oh, the makes it easy for me." and "Who's my cute little reindeer."