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So cool...need to look into getting some!! Toothbrush sanitizer. Bed,bath & beyond. Love these

This is the holy grail of stain removal! 200+ STAIN FIXES from University of Illinois Extension. Pin now for future stain emergencies!

Stain Solutions | U of I Extension

Tip – Download Every Facebook Photo You Have

Make your own WEN style cleansing conditioner or buy the Drugstore Dupe

PIN Now USE later... 24 natural ways to get rid of a canker sores :)

Laundry Tip: How to safely make your own bleach gel - make as much as you need!

Laundry Tip: How to safely make your own bleach gel

Who knew??? Pinner said: "This is the secret to my clear skin!!! Been taking it since I was 16!- Biotin makes hair and nails grow fast and thick. It's good for your skin and gives it a pseudo-tan glow all year long. It also helps prevent grays and hair loss." ....might have to try this

How I Improved My Skin {Acne, Scaring & Overall Complexion}..... I think i've hit the pinterest jackpot.

don't know if this works, but i'm sure going to try it: pin a small safety pin to the seam of your slip to eliminate static cling. it works; you will not have a clingy skirt or dress. same thing works with slacks that cling when wearing panty hose.

Paper quilling instructions

Paper Quilling Instructions

Detangling Barbie and Dolls Hair super cool!!! Just did this on avas dolls hair and it worked perfectly! another successful pin!

  • Sonia Upton Jacobs

    OMG if this actually works this would be amazing. There are so many dolls in this house that could use a makeover

  • Barbi

    @Sonia Upton Jacobs IT WORKS! I have a little spray bottle of it. I put too much softener in it and our dolls hair was kinda greasy so go easy with it. A tiny bit of softener to the spray bottle of water. Add a little at a time if it doesnt work. Our dolls hair was beautiful and we can still brush it through! I was so excited!

  • Sonia Upton Jacobs

    Awesome! Thank you!