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Halloween Outdoor Decor

Pose-able Vine Arms!

  • Dex

    I bought a pair of these on clearance after Halloween. Never found the legs though.

  • Justine's Halloween

    Did you find these for sale in a store? You could probably get the legs somewhere online. Did you get a chance to try the arms on a pumpkin or was your pumpkin long gone by the time you caught that clearance sale? This looks like an awesome product!

  • Dex

    I found them in CVS, only place I saw them ever. Didn't get to try them out. They are very cool though and have a weird rubbery texture to them.

  • Justine's Halloween

    CVS! That's surprising. I've never been in a CVS, but I've seen their ads in the newspaper. It looks like they have some good deals. Please post or send me some pics once you've tried them out!

Vintage Halloween trick or treat buckets in four sizes

DSC_0048 by mrscaptainmonkeypants, via Flickr (it really reads: abandon all hope! foreshadowing?!?)

Spooky Candelabra - I can picture this outside

Old fortune reading machine left to rust.

  • Justine's Halloween

    I really enjoyed that blog post! Is that your blog? I think the fortune teller I visited was named Esmeralda too. Probably a lot of them were! I don't remember her being as pretty as the Disney one. She was pretty worn down! The House on the Rock has to be experienced to be believed. It's this house built overhanging a cliff and it's filled with the craziest bunch of stuff. The guy who built the place and filled it with his collections was beyond eccentric. I remember a working carousel inside, mermaid mannequins hanging around, and various weird taxidermy. This is one of many videos that will give you an idea of what it's like: That really brought back the memories! I'd forgotten about the case of fake crown jewels. The House on the Rock is a few hours away from where I live, so I really should go check it out again. The last time I was there was probably 20 years ago!

  • Deborah Lacy

    That is my blog. I am so glad you like the post. Thank you! I bet there were a lot of Esmeralda's, maybe not so much anymore. Disneyland takes VERY good care of theirs. I watched the video. Wow. What a crazy place. That carousel is amazing! A lot of the animatronics in there are similar technology to the fortune tellers inside the fortune teller's machine. What a trip this place must be. Thanks for sending me the link. I love your Halloween boards.

  • Justine's Halloween

    Cool! It looks like you write about a lot of interesting topics, like mysteries/detective stories. I'd like to follow your blog, but I couldn't find a follow button. Is there a button on there and I'm just missing it? I could maybe find another way to follow you. You might be into some of the stuff on my blog too, since it has a similar theme to my Pinterest boards. If you'd like to take a peek: http://www.justineshallowee... It would be fun to connect blog-wise too! Watching that House on the Rock video made me want to revisit the place. Words can't really describe it. Even the video didn't show the massive scope of the place. It just keeps going and going! The home owner was a serious collector!

  • Deborah Lacy

    I love your blog! I love the magician post! I have a magician interview post coming in the next few weeks - fingers crossed. I wish I had seen the Christmas card post earlier that would be fun. I love fall and Halloween too. I added your blog to my blog roll because it's perfect. I do have a mail subscription list but the button was hard to find so I moved it to the top right corner. I am sending you an e-mail so we can connect off pinterest.

  • Justine's Halloween

    Thank you! I signed up on your email list, so I'll be able to see that magician interview coming up. That's something to look forward to! I do exchanges (with cards or CDs) through my blog every once in a while, so next time you'll be good to go! That would be fun to connect through email! We've already created quite a column of writing on here. :)

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