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Oxford is full of spooky houses like these

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Old run down Mansion | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

old school house in Bannack, Montana

Abandoned house in the woods

  • Miks' Pics

    Wealthy people often like to distance themselves by surrounding themselves with huge tracts of land.

  • Terrie Tays-Gamino

    It doesn't look like anything where there was a farm to run...Russian Dacha maybe?

  • Miks' Pics

    Now that I'm seeing the large view, I can tell that it is very well built, quite an attractive place really.

  • Terrie Tays-Gamino

    It seems to have a mixture of architecture; the turret tower on the right front corner; the left front side looks like some Dutch architecture and then in back is a tower that looks eastern European. It might be fun to write a story around the history of the house.

  • Miks' Pics

    Somebody invested allot in it's creation, and not just money.

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  • Justine's Halloween

    Yeah, and I think there might be some! Actually, as I look more closely, I see something white and fuzzy in one of the windows. Do you see that too? It's on the second story.

  • Robbi Greenemay

    Yes!! It's right there and she's pulling back the drapes. Man, I love this stuff! Thanks Justine.

  • Justine's Halloween

    Yeah! I didn't even see that the first few times I looked at this photo! Pretty cool. I love this stuff too, as you can tell. :)

  • Sour Grapes

    Thats awesome!! I love abandoned buildings and find haunted houses very interesting. Love the pic and yup i see the entity too!! Awesome

  • Justine's Halloween

    I was surprised to see how many people on Pinterest have abandoned building pin boards. It's so cool! I had no idea that this many people had the interest. There is something special about this house - it's been pinned more than the others I have collected. Maybe it's the ghost. :)

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Old Abandoned House southern Ontario

WOW this is/was magnificent. Abandoned spooky house in the woods by Andre Govia