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Haunted Houses and Architecture

Old Abandoned Building in upstate New York. Photograph by Lisa Miller

thirtymilesout: Hotel Meade Bannack Montana photo

Everain's Planet of Hobgoblins, Tea, & Artichokes


  • Patty McElroy Smith

    I love this house!!! I made one very similar to it for my Halloween village! I love seeing the real thing!

Abandoned mansion in Crouch End, North London.

Andrew Gough's Arcadia
  • Justine's Halloween

    Good question! I'm assuming that whoever circled that thought they saw a ghost up there. Not knowing what that window is supposed to look like, I'm not really sure what's going on. OH WAIT! I see a face. The face takes up much of the circle. WOW. When you see it, you really see it!

  • Shiloh

    I see...something! I had to get on the computer. If I am seeing what you are, it's pretty freaky.

  • Justine's Halloween

    Yes, it is! Are you seeing a screaming face with wide, open eyes?

  • Shiloh

    Yes! Wide black eyes for sure! I guess it could be screaming??? It's the eyes that popped out!!!

  • Justine's Halloween

    Yeah! Isn't it creepy when you finally see it? It always spooks me when I'm staring and staring at a picture when suddenly I see the hidden thing. There are quite a few scary pictures like that on Pinterest!

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75 Depot Street, Fleishmanns, NY. I can only imagine how beautiful & grand this house was when it was new.