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Muddy learning to swim.

The Newfoundland Dog was originally bred to work alongside seaman in the cold North Atlantic. Strong swimmers with water resistant coats, the Newfoundland's water rescue instincts are legendary. And on land, our dogs pulled carts loaded with fishing equipment and the catch of the day. Today, Newfy owners train their dogs in Water Rescue, Draft Work, Agility, Tracking and Backpacking. Newfs also excel as Therapy dogs and Service Dogs.

BearNMind Newfoundlands [Working Dog]

brown newf....just like my Charmin girl...miss her


first snow and love the taste

Puppy love! She loves her Newfie pup!

No one told this little guy he had to share♥

Choosing a Newfoundland puppy

Newfoundland puppies feeding frenzy - 5 weeks

Nandi Appleby - Summer fun


Memphis hit his limit of awesomeness lol now he must rest lol

Nandi Appleby

Photo - Newfoundland puppies from the article - The Newfoundland Dog Breed - Why Newfoundland Dogs Make Wonderful Pets

9 weeks

NCA Junior Handler gets great press! An Interview with Becker Reep | Best In Show Daily | 2013

Newfs in Australia raise money for dogs in need : 2013 RSPCA Million Paws Walk

MEGA GALLERY: 2013 RSPCA Million Paws Walk