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anyone else just picture Benedict sending Martin to the door to get the pizza.............and then somehow Dean & Cas are in the picture cuz it's the pizza delivery man...................yeah, total fangirl alert

i wish i could do stupid shit like this while keeping a straight face.. hilarious

I have to remember this.

"Heard you been naughty so here's the scoop; all you get is snowman poop." - cute to put on top of presents

3 month total-body transformation workout program. This looks more practical than most I've seen.... its the guy from Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition!! Lots of good moves!

BWAHAHAHAHA... might have to do this. :D

A bunch of awesome (but not extreme) April Fools pranks! i will thank myself later for repining this

but on number 3 I would change my name to Acula not Arcula