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Info on how to teach left-handed children to write CORRECTLY. I'm very fortunate that I had teachers that took note of the fact that I'm left handed and allowed me to adapt activities so that they worked for me. However after reading some of the info on the site, it's just now occurring to me why it might be so difficult for me to learn knife skills, and drive a standard car.

Fun ways for kids to learn letter recognition, counting and color matching with a free printable download.

3rd Grade Math Journal - Common Core Resources (games and lesson ideas) Great Resource. :)

Hide inch worms around the room. Instruct students to find them and measure them to the nearest inc. Cute!

Place Value Game. I would add a few rows to get to the 100,000's. The kids could then write the number in standard, expanded and word forms. FUN!

Free printable game helps children read letters OR sight words more quickly.

DIY Spy Cipher brings the Revolutionary War to life for kids. Check out the instructions and learn about the entire {free} unit including free lapbook, resources, activities, field trips, and more at www.livinglifeint...

20 fun ways to use alphabet flashcards - includes ideas for preschool to middle school

Hands on coordinate planes. Fun. Students toss two dice, form a coordinate pair and place a marker on that intersection. Students alternate turns, each trying to be the first to get four markers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

CVC Word Family Color by Letter with two types of pages available! - 3Dinosaurs.,com