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Carved Knife Handles, This is done by William & Elizabeth Lloyd.

Antler basket by Decker Fine Art Gourds

Handcarved Folk-Art Walnut Smiling Wood Spirit Walking Cane with Elk Antler Handle & Scrimshaw Art

All art made from naturally shed deer antler's.

antler chair - the mostly white, pale, environment makes the antler chair a piece of art, a sculpture... beautiful

caribou antler wearable art

Antler art

Whether you have a supply of antlers left over from hunting or have collected winter-shed racks during hiking and camping trips, the horns can be turned into numerous craft items—just a few of which are shown here—either for your own use or for sale.

Past Projects - Custom Drinking Horns

I can think of so many things these buttons would look amazing on. www.thecalicobush... Two - 1 inch Red Deer Horn Buttons, hand made. Each button set on site is unique. The perfect accent on your knited, crocheted, sewn, or leather project.

inuit antler art

Assorted Artisan Buttons made in USA. This gorgeous set of 6 buttons was crafted from natural materials, ethically. The antler buttons were crafted from the naturally-shed antler of a whitetail deer, 100% cruelty-free. The wooden buttons were made using the fallen branches of trees.

A beautiful hand-made knife crafted from antler and bone by the amazingly talented Lupa 'Green Wolf' of Etsy.

Deer Antler Toilet Paper Holder Craft Tex Ladybug Paper Holders Toilet Paper Holders Bath

Montana Antler Craft - antler fire starters

crafted from deer antler and a glass taxidermy eye.