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Jessica Cowper-Wolland

Jessica Cowper-Wolland

Noh mask, Washibeshimi one of 47 Noh masks formerly owned by Konparu Sōke (the leading family of the Konparu school), Wood, colored Muromachi-Meiji period/15-19th century Originally owned by Konparu-za Tokyo National Museum.

Japanese Noh theater mask of Sanko-jo 三光尉

Three Japanese ivory noh mask netsuke, 19th century, in the form Okame and two male characters, 4.1 - 4.4cm.

能面 a variety of Japanese Noh Masks

No mask of the Yase-onna type 能面 痩女 Japanese, Edo period, 18th century, Japanese cypress, MFA

Japan : Noh Masks Database : Onryo : Hiragata-hannya

NOH | Noh Doubt About It, These Mask Have Value | Estate Sales Help

Noh Mask by nohtrainingproj, via Flickr

Detail of Japanese Noh mask

**Papua New Guinea | © Rusty Staff - Is this spirit of old still alive? Scary!!

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