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This is not just about budgets, this woman has EVERYTHING for a stay-at-home mom to stay organized and SANE.

Awesome tips and inspiration to get out of debt! Love this story and the ideas!

Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps | Atwell Adventures

Week #11 Organized Home Challenge: How To Organize Bills - "so you can pay them on time, find them if you need to reference them again, and finally learn how long to keep paid bills before tossing them..."

52 Week Money Savings Challenge. Each week add the same amount of money matches that week in the year

Baking mixes that save you money! She includes label templates and recipes.

Homemade Refried Beans are healthier and much more delicious than canned refried beans. Plus, you can make them for less than $0.30 per can! Give this recipe a try and you just might never buy canned refried beans again!

Make your own Instant oatmeal packets saving this one!

From a very cool site called Old Fashioned Families with everything you need to know about canning, preserving, saving tons of money and general homesteading

How to make homemade fabric softener.

How to Make A Natural Bleach Alternative

Frugal Living - How to Regrow Your Groceries "The idea of regrowing your groceries sounds too good to be true, but in some cases it really is possible. Check out these step-by-step instructions for regrowing common grocery items: green onions, celery, ginger, leaf lettuce and greens, pineapples, potatoes, sweet potatoes.

How to Cook dried beans in a slow cooker so you can use them later in recipes that call for canned beans. @Leslie Riemen Walker

This lady is a genius!!!! WOW! 4 hours, 46 meals, 95 dollars. Another pinner said, "I started doing this earlier this year and cannot believe how much stress it has eliminated and how much better we are eating while saving money."

Pin now read later...Great Tips for setting a budget and following it! This lady and her family of four live on 14,000 a year. She tells you how she does it. There's lots of great tips on her whole blog!

Pinner said - "Took twenty minutes and cost $2.00 to make 3 gals of laundry soap.

Another pinner said: " sister and i made this, figured it was worth a try...& by FAR the best laundry detergent EVER! only need a tablespoon per load (we just use the oxy scoop) and it smells so good! Needless to say, I will NEVER purchase another laundry detergent brand. This has inspired me to make more homemade cleaning products :) very exciting!" Laundry soap recipe - $20 for 9+ months' worth of soap. Gotta try this!

Cut Fat, Calories and Your Grocery Bill! Make Your Own Cooking Spray.One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

I love this girl's blog about thrifty living :) here's a quote from her blog: "Oh yes ladies and gents you did not read wrong. I am 100% serious. My family of 4 lives on about $14,000 a year. We are not in debt, and own our home and both our cars. Want to know how we do this all and still save money? Well I am going to share some tips that have helped us along the way."