Triple Peanut Butter Cookie Pie - If you love PB, this soft chewy pie is jam-packed with PB Cups PB MMs!

Averie Cooks » Triple Peanut Butter Cookie Pie

Recipe for Cronut - The Easiest Homemade Version Yet - The croissant-doughnut hybrid, otherwise known as Dominique Ansel's Cronut, has sent the whole food world into a frenzy.

Great Doughnut Innovations Since 1958 |

SHUT UP!! Dunkaroo Dip. 1 box funfetti cake mix, 1/2 container plain yogurt, 1/2 container of cool whip. Serve with animal crackers or graham crackers. Hello childhood!!

Carmelitas - Easy one-bowl, no-mixer recipe. With a name like that, they have to be good!!

Averie Cooks » Carmelitas

No-Bake Walnut Cookies- these are super easy and so good!

Strawberry Creme Truffles. Only 5 simple ingredients. Super creamy strawberry filling that melts in your mouth! #vegan #glutenfree #paleo

God Bless America Cake!! Coconut, Pecans, Pineapple ~ This Cake is OUTSTANDING!!

Baked Samoa Donuts ~ Buttery Donuts Dipped in Chocolate and Covered in Caramel and Coconut!

Cheat sheet where have you been all my life?!

Puppy Chow Cookies. Turn your favorite snack mix into a cookie!

Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies. Love the raspberry jam but the actual cookies were just okay. Will look for an improved recipe for next year.

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