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Math Shorts Episode 11 – Converting Rational Numbers

Education Library - Planet Nutshell

I created this lesson because I was didn’t feel like my eighth grade pre-algebra students understood how to take a multiple choice math test intelligently. What I learned was that many of them felt that by using strategies such as working backwards and estimation, they were cheating! They resisted using many of the skills successful test-takers use because of this.

Math Test Taking Strategies for Multiple Choice Tests

This editable product includes a twenty question pre-assessment and a 20 question post assessment on the number system for 7th grade (7.NS.1, 7.NS....

Number System Assessments

PARTS OF AN EQUATION {free poster}

Parts of an Equation

Teaching Perseverance in math - awesome post and much needed post! Great ideas and a freebie. A total must-read!

Teaching Perseverance in Math | Minds in Bloom

BUNDLE Integers and Rational Numbers Math Stations for Common Core Sixth Grade from The Math Station on (54 pages) - This is a GREAT bundle of middle school math games and activities. Including directions for you and your students, it is perfectly tailored for use in math station rotations.

Teachers Notebook

scientific notation rap ~ my students might actually love this

Scientific Notation Rap – Rhyme ‘n Learn: SyNote

Comparing Scientific Notation

Comparing Scientific Notation

Teach, reinforce and review math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Math games for exponents, fractions, oreder of operations, multiplying monomials, prime and rational numbers.

This is 7 pages of Scientific Notation notes and practice. 2 pages of references and notes with practice problems, 2 pages of student guided notes, a full worksheet with practice problems and answer keys! This is a good reference that students can use as a homework helper, but it is also good for teachers to use as a lesson. ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED!

Using this {free} form to break down the data from small quizzes, so that you know where to remediate in your class, who understands what, and which students to pull into small groups. Easy as pie!

Teaching in Room 6: Throwback Thursday: Breaking Down Quizzes

Integers (Adding): Notes, Worksheets, Assessment from Mrs Scott's Clasroom on - (7 pages) - This document is perfect for a lesson about adding integers. It includes a page of notes with group practice, a worksheet, and an assessment that reviews the integer chip method, adding integers, and

Integers (Adding): Notes, Worksheets, Assessment |

Love this post all about math journaling. So great for really digging into a problem and for assessment too! And there is a freebie too!

Writing in Math Class? | Minds in Bloom

Pythagorean Packet Bundle Sub Plans Exit Tickets Bell Work

Another week...done! These Problems of the Day will help your students get the practice they need with using the distributive property and combining like terms. These are also perfect for emergency SUB plans! The detailed answer keys will help your sub in a pinch! Common Core 7.EE.1 and 8.EE.1 are the focus of these activities.

PEMDAS SONG (with lesson) order of operations! - YouTube For FIFTH grade. Activity: make an acronym for PEMDAS. Lead Topic: when you use order of operations.

Made 4 Math Monday – Foldables (Expressions, PEMDAS, Decimals, Fractions and Integers) « Hoppe Ninja Math – Teacher Blog

Order of Operations Anchor Chart: GEMS (Groupings, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Subtraction and Addition). New to me . . . Catchy!

Libby Lou: Educator, Baker, Wanna be Craft Maker: Anchor Charts

Order of Operations riddles. An interactive way to get your kids really thinking about Order of Operations.

Got to Teach!: Fun With Order of Operations

Common Core Math {Outside of the Box} (Grade 5) Open-ended math pages

Common Core Math Outside of the Box (Grade 5)

PEMDAS: Order of Operations Game & Task Cards $

PEMDAS Snowball Fight

Pythagorean Theorem - educational math cartoon for kids