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classroom/child care

Creative Ideas - DIY Spiderman Candy Apples | Follow Us on Facebook ==>

Creative Ideas - DIY Spiderman Candy Apples |

How to Draw a Bat (and a cute one at that!) Art Projects for Kids I'm pinning this under "writing" because so many kids who struggle with handwriting and executive function are embarrassed by their inability to draw. It makes the method of "starting with a picture" especially in primary school, difficult.

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw a Bat Tutorial

Essential oils for adhd or add. Or for anyone that wants some extra, natural ways to calm down, or have extra help concentrating

Essential Oils for ADHD and ADD - Don't Mess with Mama

Mermaid Hand Painted Canvas with Shell by FromCapeMayWithLove, $50.00

literacy center sight word activities- put the sand in a pencil box for easy upkeep and clean up! Genius!

Easy homemade play dough recipe using all natural ingredients, with herbs for added sensory play

Homemade play dough recipe with herbs - NurtureStore

Dandelions on the Wall: Homeschool: The Letter C {crafts, preschool, toddler activities, color wheel, corn, bubble wrap printing}

Color song, this is great!

10 Preschool Songs About Colors

Designing Life: Four Fabulous Fine Motor Skill Activities for Preschoolers

gross motor and tying shoes practice. This is what my girls preschool did, I was trying to explain it to someone last week!

Toys You Can Make

American Girl Room, AG Accessories, AG Dolls, DIY Dollhouse for AG

The More One Sows; the Greater the Harvest: Black Friday Goodness

glitter leaves, perfect to hang from the mantel or as a backdrop banner in the living or dining room wall.

Make Your Own Autumn Leaves Garland - Decorenvy

How to make a bouncy ball! Kid's favorite!

The 36th AVENUE | How to Make a Bouncy Ball


Jesus, Church and risking rejection | God's Girl

Managing Emotional Mayhem #iheartcd Have children? Work with children? Just want to explore your ability to mange your emotional upset? Explore the 5 Steps of Self Regulation with this must read book.

Managing Emotional Mayhem - Loving Guidance, Inc.

Teach your child the nature of forgiveness.

5 Things to Teach Your Kids about Forgiveness - Eyes On Heaven

10 Ways to Quickly Build or Damage Relationships | LinkedIn

10 Ways to Quickly Build or Damage Relationships

How to make an embroidered throw pillow featuring your favorite skyline

Soothe with pressure

Fill water guns with watercolors and have a fight while wearing white clothes. This needs to happen.