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I laughed too hard at the first two

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He just wanted to be fabulous. Not to mention who ever owns this place loves Frozen... I mean just look at everything in the background..... Can I marry you?

If women used raunchy pickup lines! Love these they are so funny

Thor & Loki... This is way too funny! ... Or maybe I'm just way too obsessive...

Was expecting it to say something about motherhood. Nope haha!

Hahahahaha. I think I want to add "Or Worse, Expelled" anytime I say something bad may happen.

A collection of roommate notes…

DO YOU SEE HIS FACE. This poor human being. I'm laughing so hard tho

Nicolas Cage as your favorite Disney princess. this is THE greatest thing I have seen this year -- WHY DOES THIS EXIST.

Princess Nicolas Cage…