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I am not afraid of storms...

You can choose to make a difference in someone's life... it's the little things that count & light up someone's day, stay in their memory, bring a smile to their face!

Each day we make so many choices and we set our priorities. In the very recent past, my needs were at the bottom of my priority list and I seldom made choices that supported my spirit, my mind or my body. I have realized that if I am to live, truly live, overcoming my abusive past, I must honor myself and all that I am, and have become. They chose to leave me in darkness. I have chosen light and can see myself clearly now. I am a survivor and as I am, I am enough,

Never judge someone based on appearance! They got me right in the feels here!

Faith in humanity restored

Restore Your Faith In Humanity. Touched.

Read these carefully…

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The Starfish Story - Loren Eisley

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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