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Kaity Jones

Kaity Jones

I kinda like salt and pepper shakers....maybe a little...

"Singing in the Rain" makes me smile when I am feeling sad. What more can I say?

Shark Brain compared to a Vagina. Oh the things you learn in Animal Biology!

Gluten-Free Yeast Doughnuts | The Frugal Farm Wife

I could eat this at every meal - Baby spinach avocado tomato lemon salt and pepper.

Casual engagement photography

  • Kristina Nicole

    @Bethany Jones I think my name on here is Kristina Nicole maybe that's why. But yeah, scroll down below the comments! It says this picture has been re-pinned over 300 times!

  • Bethany Whaley

    When I type Kristina it doesn't give me the option of you at all!! I don't get it. But anyways HOLY goodness. That is a weird feeling. Like weird......but cool... ;)

  • Kristina Nicole

    I know a Pinterest famous person!! :D haha great pictures, by the way! I was looking on the popular page on here and I saw this pin...CRAZY. But crazy awesome.

  • Bethany Whaley

    .......mind=BLOWN. Like wow. Haha. That is just too weird for me to comprehend. Our photographer was/is very awesome. I just looked through all her pins (like I haven't already looked at all her pictures on her blog lol) and I just adore the way her pictures look so dreamy.

  • Kristina Nicole

    They're beautiful! She's gonna go very far.

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"Up" themed wedding rehearsal decoration.

One-bite caramelized pecans stuffed with blue cheese