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Photo transfer to canvas DIY

Tutorial for photo transfer to canvas -- Pinner wrote: Best tutorial I've... found for...whole DIY photo canvas ... easy to follow...

Little Bit Funky: 20 minute crafter-DIY photo canvas
  • Sarah Dreisbach

    Let me know if it works :)

  • Debbie Mcwain

    wow looks awesome I need to try this.

  • Virinia Downham

    Your information has created a whole new way for me to use my pictures. Thanks heaps.

  • Mary Mason Judkins

    I am trying to print a eagle on the computer to be able to iron on to Canvas that is dark, Could you tell me what kind and where I would get transparent paper to do this? Thank you I need some help :)

  • Megan Baatz

    This seems like a great, cheap way to make a canvas print. My only question would be whether it fades in sunlight. But it probably depends on the ink used. Thanks for sharing!

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DIY Photos on Canvas from Blissfully Ever After ~~

  • Sarika Bhana

    which of these methods works?

  • Kachinahome

    I have not tried to do it yet. I suggest you go to the original sites of the tutorials and read the comments at the bottom of their tutorial. Often people will talk about their own experiences, give suggestions and such. Hope this helps and if you do take on one of these projects, I hope you will share your experience with us.

  • Cally Roberts

    http://www.blissfullyeveraf... This is where I found this tutorial.

  • Kachinahome

    Thanks Cally for your help, I changed the link.

How to print and transfer pictures to fabric ~~~

vintage printables on fabric | Cheeky Magpie
  • Karen Vanderjagt

    I'm not sure how to use it but I'm going to try it and figure out what to do with it.

Another pinner wrote "great way to do a diy canvas photo"

101 Things to Do...: Mother's Day Ideas
  • Stephanie Liggett

    You can get engineer prints from staples. It's on paper though and it woks great. The only problem I have ran into is that if you use too much mod podge, the paper will wrinkle while drying..

  • Brittany Huff

    thank you guys! Making these Christmas presents for everyone!

  • Scarlette Ohair

    Endorsed by the graphics fairy-I've used a site called blockposters

  • Tracy Blackburn

    With this method there is no rubbing of the image which I like because I would be scared of messing up my beautiful images.

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how to transfer a photocopy picture onto canvas A pinner wrote: "This is awesome"

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! - A Beautiful Mess

how to transfer a photocopy picture onto canvas DIY tutorial

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! - A Beautiful Mess
  • Sarah Fitzsimmons

    does this only work with inkjet images? or can it be from a regular printer?

  • Rebecca Little

    I have only been able to to it from a copier at work. Not my printer at home

picture canvas tutorial

  • Monika Utrecht

    You MUST use regular copy paper with an image printed on it in laser toner. Other inks will not work . You must use gel medium. There are no other substitutions that I know of. I hope that answers any questions you may have. Feel free to email me if you have more. Have fun!

  • Kathy Miller

    I got my photos printed at Staples for 10cents each!!

  • Laura Teasley

    Do you think you could paint a quote over the picture after dry?

  • Robin Bohl

    I wonder if you could put some sort of ink transfer over it

  • Katinka Clementsmith

    You can put paint, ink, or even more collage over the top, no problem.

DIY Tutorial - Photos on Canvas by the Sassy Pepper -- link fixed

The Sassy Pepper: Mod Podge Photos {On Canvas}