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DYT types 1, 2,3

I am a Secondary Type 1

T1 Before and After

Oh What Fun! — Dressing Your Truth Makeover - The Carol Blog

Some of the type 3 characteristics that are in this outfit are: A reasonably chunky necklace (could still be bigger) Texture Colour A textured belt Texture in hair (although that could be better too) Golden coloured jewelry.

Dressing for my type 3 personality in yellow and gold

Many Type 3 women think they need to subdue their fiery energy by softening their appearances. But it ends up just sending a mixed message. In her After shot, you can see how the angular, textured jacket, the rich gold earrings and chunky necklace create a dramatic effect. Top it all off with new eyewear and an edgy haircut with swift, irregular layers and she is one hot woman!

Before her makeover, Pam’s hair was rather shapeless and she was wearing structured clothes with a pattern that masked her beautiful features and didn’t honor her fluid, flowing nature. We see the rich-colored shirt, but not Pam. After, Pam’s beauty captures us with her soft radiance! With a soft purple blouse in the right design line, paired with a cascading, pewter necklace and an updated haircut and style to support her Type, Pam is in harmony with herself.

Type 2-dropping or falling cheek. S curves seen in face. S smiles, downward movement. Lines around eyes move down. Long eyebrows going down. teardrop nose. Soft S curve on the upper lip. Cheeks blend with chin. Drape-y skin as they age instead of deeper wrinkles.

T1 the lower lip in the smile goes upward. IS THIS REALLY A TYPE 1????

Out of the Dark...into the Light — Dressing Your Truth Makeover
  • Linda Viner McAllister

    I agree, I don't think this person is a type 1. maybe a 3?

  • Katty

    Agreed! When I saw the pic I immediately thought she was a T3 and then got confused when they said it was a 1.

  • Anita Toliver

    The smile lines moving out from her mouth as well as the irregularities in her facial features seem clearly type 3 - just like me:)

  • Katie Gee

    I really feel she is a type 3...

fuller lips,nose turns upwards,circular nostrils, nose bridge is smaller (disappearing), eyes,nose and lips are closer together,the inner point of the eyes is lower in the face than the outer point,bright eyed, heart shape face (with the hair parting creating a peak), rounded jawline

Yes! So Youthful! Dressing Your Truth Makeover | The Carol Blog

Beautiful Type 2 necklace with removable flower pin.-Almond -shaped eyes, dreamy quality. Milky skin. Some puffiness under eyes and on cheeks.

eyebrows move upwards, deep crease on the eyes, square boxy face shape,deeper lines around the nostrils, high cheeckbone that creates a triangle

T1 roundor heart-shaped face. round forms are T1. youthful looking. peaches and cream skin tones. asymmetrical eyebrows, come to a point. face lines move upwards & are very fine. "smiling" eyes which narrow when smiling.circular-shaped nose or point of a star.

Super Spring Makeover! Dressing Your Truth Before and After

T1 larger forehead, eyebrow bone is set higher,button nose,smiles move upward, soft round chin. Good Hair-style_asymmetrical, random, wispy-higher cheekbones,bottom lip is fuller than top,asymmetrical smile lines and dimples,

From Ok to Oh, Wow! - Dressing Your Truth Before and After

Type 3s are often drawn to more substantial items with...

Type 3s are often drawn

Type 2′s express a subtle, soft quality of movement. They...

Type 2′s express a subtle,

T3-angular chiseled jawline, deep V asymmetrical smile, multiple deep smile lines on her cheeks, deep V pointed nose, cat eyes form a deep V with the nose, sharper angles,boxy angular forehead, textured skin, the inside of the eye is deep and pulls downward, very asymmetrical eyebrows, irregular hairline. Lump-of-clay nose