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Everest John Alexander's Blog

Everest John Alexander ~~~ Bible Teacher, 23 Yrs ~~~ Network Marketer, 19 Yrs ~~~ Author, 7 Yrs ~~~ Gospel Rapper, 24 Yrs ~~~ Poet, 30+ Yrs ~~~ Husband, 25 Yrs ~~~ Father, 26 Yrs ~~~ All-round Nice Guy, 50 Yrs! My Observations and Thoughts on Life, Relationships, Religion & Business!

Sept 13th marked the end of the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge for me and these are my before and after pics!


My Weight Loss Journey 2.0 First Update!

My Weight Loss Journey 2.0 First Update!

Secret Jihad - WW III Has Already Begun. Muslim immigrants raped over 300 Swedish children in seven months of 2013!

My first update after starting my Weight Loss Journey on Sunday 10/13/13!

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Do you know who this is? ==> King Leopold II of Belgium, “owned” the Congo during his reign as the constitutional monarch of Belgium. After several failed colonial attempts in Asia and Africa, he settled on the Congo, he “bought” it and enslaved its people, turning the entire country into his own personal slave plantation.

Everybody Sells... Some of us get paid to do it professionally!

No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog. Chris Brogan Founder, New Marketing Labs

The way you can understand all of the social media is as the creation of a new kind of public space. Danah Boyd Social Media Researcher, Microsoft

People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction. Brian Halligan - CEO & Co-founder, HubSpot

Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem. Laura Fitton - Inbound Marketing Evangelist, HubSpot