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MY LITTLE PONY Skirt Pinkie Pie MLP FiM Cosplay your size Kawaii | PoppysWickedGarden - Clothing on ArtFire

Simply Overskirt Side View Bustling

Steaming Apparel - Bustled Overskirt

Breastplate Tutorial - Valkyrie - Freyja

Dark Galadriel Costume

How to make horns from cardboard and hot glue.... this would have been great for big sis lil sis....

Steampunk Leia ... Star Wars in a Neo-Victorian Galaxy Far, Far Away

balantzseeker's image

Use some fishnet stockings wrapped around your head and green make-up to create a scale effect for Halloween!

Craft Projects | Martha Stewart

my take on the Tarids!

Worbla Armor Tutorial

deviantART: More Like Worbla Armor Tutorial by Necr0w

Feathered Wings Tutorial by ~Kudrel-Cosplay on deviantART

Feathered Wings Tutorial by Kudrel-Cosplay on deviantART

Fantasy Film Wing Tutorial. Great for the girls!

Fantasy Film Wing Tutorial by Flying-Fox on deviantART

diy pauldrons and or bracers but some great tips for any cosplay armor!

Volpin Props: Cassandra's Pauldrons

The How To Mom: FROZEN Elsa Cape and Anna Cloak DIY Tutorial

The How To Mom: FROZEN Elsa Cape and Anna Cloak DIY Tutorial

greatcosplay: nutellaavenger: boku-no-lindzar: chubby-cosplay: tenleid: This, my friends, is how you cosplay a female version of a TF2 character. None of that revealing shit. No heels or thigh highs or pyros in bikinis.  Just this.  AWESOME! -GA YES Doing it right?Doing it right.  Heavy Ahh, she’s so pretty!

Plus Size Costume Ideas: Your daughter will love you as a Disney Princess! She doesn't care that you are not a size 4. She will just be excited that Mommy is a real princess!