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Freezer bag as protection for your tablet. Great idea.

Friendship bracelet over your earbud cords. #DIY #crafty

Lifehacker's best tech DIY projects of 2011

Make an organized charging station out of a bottle of lotion.

Take a picture of Christmas cards you get to use as contact pics. What a cute idea!

Underfuse is an iron-on pocket for your workout clothing so that you can comfortably store your phone while you sweat.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to make these glowing jars.

Turn paper bags into the Star Wars Rebel Alliance's Admiral Ackbar. #DIY

These glow stick lanterns are so easy to make. Just pour the contents of a glow stick(s) in a jar and shake! #DIY

Add extra goodies to your photos by adding a customized QR code.

Excellent food photography tips for bloggers

Useful tips for photographing families and groups

You can use your iPhone volume up button to capture photos. Steady photos, more flexibility.

Instagrams turned into magnets. Great gift idea!

A simple portrait setup only requires some natural light and a reflector. Tip: you can use an automotive window shade.

The basics of any DSLR.

christmas photo idea

how cute!

how cute!