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Self Love Journey

Love is something intangible, it is something we feel, and something we practice. To love oneself is a life long romance. It is a journey, changing and growing as you do. To love oneself is to find true peace, and to be able to spread that love to all the world. Practice Radical Self Love. ♥

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Mantra Mondays | College Graduate, Now What?

If I do just one thing today to show myself how much I truly do love me, then it has been a good day. ~Danielle Schwartz

⋘◢◈vagabond zen◈◣⋙: Thursday's Thought

It's equally as wrong & hurtful to call thin girls sickly or to say they aren't "real" women, as it is to call larger girls names. Pinterest is loaded full of "skinny isn't sexy" & "0 isn't a number" posters, interestingly enough right alongside the millions of celebrity diet plans.. Why are women so cruel to each other? You can't love yourself until you stop hating everyone else.