This is perfect for how the past week made me feel... emo quotes tumblr - Google Search

Boots n Burbs: June 2012

Bacon Mac and Cheese - the addition of bacon to this family favorite really kicks this recipe up a notch and will make it a family favorite! #shop #BTSIdeas #cbias

It's highly enjoyable to know that ignoring your attention whoring needs makes your small little world burn with the fires of your own apocalypse.~~ hahaha!

I just want someone to cuddle and smoke weed with

Nasty hoe/ Im postin this one!!

Episode of 'where's Barney now'

this doesn't apply to me (hence the "being single" board) but I thought @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Morton just might like it :)

Don't F#%k with my feelings!

every girl makes image of her soul mate in her heart, every time she feels happy because of deeds of people she has ever met in her life, she adds those good qualities to that image. that image is so perfect in her view, so high in her thoughts that she just can't compromise with you. you really have to be that perfect to desire her.

~heart breaking truth~ ~I love~

I won't deal with your bullshit forever

Silly Likes - To all the girls out there…

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