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Kali Woodbridge

Kali Woodbridge

I pinned this product but wasn't able to add a picture

Although it is featured for babies, think cancer-bald beautification or thinning hair of the aging. I likes it.

Advent Day 1: Christmas Coal - I am definitely making batch of this!

Acrylic Pencil Curls - who knew you could bake in curls in acrylic? I'm sure I have a use for this somewhere....

Paper bag tree - totally twisted and looks super easy to do. I'll be trying it this week.

Stocking stuffer ideas... I'll be glad I repinned this in a few months :)

These look so good! Marshmallows + pretzel sticks + white chocolate = bones - perfect for pirate day or halloween, ya think?

Except for missing the wine (and the knitting), this is *so* the perfect t-shirt for me!

When it comes to issues of motherhood, there is one issue I care about: some kids don’t have one. The only mommy war I support involves moms banding together to talk about the number of children in our world who are missing out on basic human needs. Security. Love. Affection. Let’s wage a war about that. Not everyone can adopt, but we can all do something.

Sherpaa - Why has this concept taken so long to get going? Why go to the ER when a quick look might save the time & $$ that aquick digital consult could provide. Yes, there is room for abuse or error, but generally? GREAT IDEA!!

I *love* reading in the tub. *IF* I had an iPad, I would *so* do it in the tub! (as long as I had one of these super-duper sealshields!)

Write on with a Sharpie, then bake for 30 mins at 350 - definitely gonna try this!

ZAGG is giving away an iPad each hour during Memorial Day


Huge ZAGG Memorial Day Sale

ZAGG is giving away an iPad each hour during Memorial Day

Your Home for Dreaming, Daring and Doing | Planet SARK Glad to be reminded of how much joy and fun there is in creativity. I need to visit Planet SARK more often!

Darth Vader™ and Son -- what a hoot!

DrawerDecor is a sleek way to organize kitchen drawers, but I am thinking it will also be good for my craft supplies and tools, gardening materials, and I am sure I could think of a lot more. Love the colors!

I have GOT to try these!

  • Kathy Johnson

    you can't grease the pan or they will deflate. use a pizza stone or parchment paper

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