beautiful tiara ring, for the princess in us all.

Need to remember this site - - awesome site to buy north face for cheap!!

take coffee grinds with olive oil, and make into a paste. massage well into the area with stretch marks for about 5 minutes. then take a hot towel, and wrap it around the area for about 20-25 minutes. remove and wash off with warm water. also, when you are finished, apply a moisturizer to the area. the olive oil with the caffeine in the grinds, will help stimulate the area to remove the stretch marks. future ref.

It's so simple when you look at it like this!

Super easy (as long as you can french braid) and it is easy to do on yourself as well!!! Tip: With shorter hair with layers, you can always do two braids or just dont pull so much. If you take the side pieces and drape them and tease like she says, it is stable and just stick the bobby pins into the firm braid. It will look great!

Use a bobby pin to make polka dots on your nails! HOW did i not think of that before?!

Messy updo tutorial. I like this and if I have to I'll take it to the salon with me cuz my hair for Nikki's wedding didn't look anything like the pic

to remember....Best wrinkle cream according to Dr. your money and buy this instead of the fancy creams. I use this & I love it

Messy Ponytail/Bun Tutorial. This girl has THE best hair blog.

I found the actual website that carries this's now in the mail to ME!

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