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Kalmbach Bookstore

Learn how to create beautiful jewelry pieces from some of the best artists around!

Weave your own wire jewelry! $19.99

Create easy, colorful micro-macrame jewelry! $21.99

Get started today with bead crochet! $21.99

Add texture to your bead embroidery! $24.99

75 projects using many different stitches and beading techniques! $29.99

DVD - watch soldering techniques in action! $19.99

Find 25 different ways to use new bead shapes in your stitching projects! $21.99

Do you like to create your metal jewelry using hot connections or cold connections? In this book, you get both!

Hot & Cold Jewelry Connections

Open. Close. Chain mail is that easy! $21.99

Make a different pair of earrings every week of the year for only $9.95!